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Framing options

If you already know what you want, we are happy to guide you through our ranges of mountboards, frames and glass. Our visualisation system can help here.


If you're not sure how to frame your artwork or object, then we are happy to provide a range of options. Our aim is to enhance the viewing of your artwork. The framing should complement rather than compete with the art.


Framing options include:



* double mounts of contrasting colours (or even 3+ mounts).

* double thickness board (with extra wide bevels)

* painted lines on the mount (known as wash lines)

* slips (made of painted wood perhaps in gold or silver, which slip under the edge

of the mount to give a border round the   artwork - often matching the frame)

* painted bevels (these can be changed from the usual white)

* really really wide bevels (which we cover with decorative tape)

* decorative mounts, where we do decorative cuts into the mountboard

* raised mounts, where we put a space between the mounts to create a shadow



* we have a vast range of pre-finished frames, but we can also stain

or paint the natural wood frames to a particular colour

* we can create a new frame by putting together two existing frames - this is particularly effective when framing oils and acrylics

* we can insert slips inside the rebate of the frame to space the artwork well away from the glass (these are sometimes known as shadow boxes)


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Example of a triple mount (with extra thick board) and a double embosseed line.